Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu

Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu


Turkey’s membership of World Trade Organization is the leading factor of its international and economy policies.. Our country, which has been following foreign and export-oriented growth policies since the 1980s, has gradually integrated with the multilateral trade system as a result of the commitments it has undertaken under the World Trade Organization and the Customs Union. It has increased its competitive power in the international arena by gradually opening its economy to the outside and adopting market economy conditions.

With our country's adoption of an export-based development strategy, our companies can open up to foreign markets, accelerate our exports and ensure that our country gets a share in international trade, in proportion to its economic and political size, as part of our general export strategy, with various incentive and support policies and programs. While directing our companies to exports with various incentive and support policies and programs, company models have been created for this purpose

On the other hand, Turkey’s accession of World Trade Organization and further increase in competition with joining the Customs Union of European Union, operating in and share in loans in foreign trade in Turkey is extremely low SME "s financing, production, marketing, infrastructure, technology, personnel, etc. problems have caused more severe conditions. In this context; It is known that solving the problems of our enterprises, which are the backbone of our country's industry, that increase with increasing competition, and achieving permanent success in exports requires a good organization, knowledge, experience, capital and staff.

Students who graduate from this programme; are able to be employed in Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, in the sales, marketing, operations and logistics units of companies that import or export in our country and in our region, in the foreign exchange departments of banks, financial institutions, free zones, EU representation offices, customs brokers, shipping companies, international trade and logistics companies . Provided that they pass the exams, they will be able to work with the title of "Assistant Customs Consultant" by obtaining a B certificate.