Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu

Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu


Fashion Design Programme of Söke Vocational School  aims to train fashion design technicians who contribute to increase the level of Turkish design education to international level, research, produce clothes with textile materials, and capture pioneering ideas in the textile-clothing industry and evaluate the demands parallel  with the demands of the sector.In the Fashion Design Program, there is a garment workshop that will allow students to practice. Some of the machines and equipments used in the garment workshop are as follows.

  • Lockstitch Machine
  • Computerized Lockstitch Machine
  • Overlok
  • Cover Stitch Machine
  • Vertical Knife Cutting Machine
  • Round Knife Cutting Machine
  • Industrial Iron and Ironing Board 

In addition, there are a CAD laboratory with 20 computers and a Computer Laboratory with 20 computers where Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Pattern courses are conducted.

CAD programs are used in computer aided pattern preparation and graphic and image editing programs are used in computer aided fashion design.             

Students who graduate from the Fashion Design Program have ability to  work as a stylist, a modelist, a designer, or manage their own workplaces such as a house of fashion or workshop in public institutions, organizations and private sector enterprises.