Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu

Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu


The ever-increasing technological and social developments have globalized marketing efforts and globalized competition. This situation; It also brings with it the necessity of reaching audiences in different cultures through different communication channels. Market and competition conditions, the increasing cost of media, the need to address different cultures increase the importance of communication in terms of marketing and promotion. Businesses that produce similar products and offer services can only get ahead of their competitors with correct and different communication strategies. Here, "Public Relations and Publicity" gains importance.

Aydın, which has a very high economic potential in the Aegean region, and Söke in our province; It is in a developing and rising position in terms of tourism, agriculture, energy and service sectors and industrialization due to the transportation advantage provided by its geographical location, proximity to raw material resources, organized industrial zones, and the young population.

The mission of this department in this direction; To train well-equipped public relations and publicity experts who can combine theory and practice, and have gained practical experience in the field of communication, public relations and publicity at a level that can carry out the communication activities of businesses. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students will carry out applied studies on subjects such as public relations strategy development, corporate communication, corporate identity development. Graduated students will receive training at a level where they can take an active role in promotion strategy and planning.

Students who graduate from this program; They will be employed as experts in advertising agencies, public relations companies, media planning and purchasing companies, tourism, health, education, finance sector, public opinion research companies, management consultancy and industrial enterprises, and work in the promotion and public relations departments of various organizations.