Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu

Söke Meslek Yüksekokulu


Wind energy economic potential of our country; It is equivalent to 28200 MW in total, 8200 MW of which is in the coastal areas. There are 13 wind power plants operating in our country, and it is known that their generation capacity is 249.15 MW. These values show that our country can use less than 1% of its wind potential.

 Aydın province is in a very good condition in terms of renewable energy resources potential. There are wind power plants in Aydın Province with an installed power of 85.5 MW, 30 MW in Söke District. The power of these wind farms remains quite low considering the current wind potential of the region (wind speed> 7 m / s). The power capacity of the wind power plant that can be established in Aydın Province is 2523 MW. This value is 84 times the power of the wind farm installed in Aydın. These values show that the region is very suitable for wind power installation and parallel to this situation, new power plant construction works should start in the region every day.

 It is taking advantage of the solar radiation from two in a hundred thousand to Turkey and technical capacity by EIE the solar-based electricity generation capacity with an estimated 405 billion kWh and an economic potential of 380 billion kWh is also expected to be fully utilized. Turkey prepared by EIE Solar Energy Potential Atlas (GEPA) The average annual global solar radiation in the province of value, according to data; It has been measured as 1.561 kWh for Aydın per m2. This value is above the average of Turkey in Aydın very much. The average annual sunshine duration of Aydın Province is 8.27 hours / day. Aydın is also in a very favorable position in terms of solar energy potential.

 Turkey; It is the 1st country in Europe and 7th in the world in terms of its geothermal potential. Turkey's total electricity needs with geothermal potential it will be able to meet 5% and up to 30% of its heat energy need. However, when their weight averaged Turkey energy (electricity + heat energy) is seeking to meet 14% of needs. The goal of our country to generate electricity from geothermal resources is 550 MWe for 2013. The target to be achieved by fully utilizing our total geothermal potential (2000 MWe) in all direct and indirect applications is around 20 Billion USD as annual net domestic added value.

Aydın is rich in geothermal energy resources. Some of these resources are suitable for thermal tourism, residential and greenhouse heating purposes. Some of them are at high temperatures and have the power to run power plants. Geothermal resources in Germencik-Ömerbeyli, Salavatlı and Sultanhisar thermal regions of Aydın province have high temperatures that can be used in electricity generation, city heating-cooling, greenhouse cultivation, drying, cold storage and thermal springs. There are 6 geothermal power plants in our country, 3 in Aydın and 2 in Denizli.

 According to the Renewable energy country attractiveness indices: (Renewableenergycountryattractiveness, Ernst & Young), Turkey; In 2010, it was able to rank 22nd in the overall ranking among 30 potential countries. Our country was placed in this place not in terms of its renewable energy resource potential, but due to the incompatibility of the legal and technical competence level that will pave the way for investment in this sector and the low capacity to produce technology in this field.


It is the training and project studies that will enable the more efficient use of renewable energy resources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy, which are natural energy resources, and to carry out studies for the training of well-equipped personnel in these fields.

It is the realization of projects and studies aimed at the main purpose of raising a workforce that will ensure more efficient use of natural, environmental and human resources in the development of Aydın and its surrounding.

As Adnan Menderes University, to carry out studies to improve the current situation in agriculture, tourism and historical riches (ancient cities), which are the main sectors of the region. Developing and implementing projects to increase the quality of human resources.

Carrying out training activities for the producers who lost their income due to the changing conditions of the region for new products with high added value and production studies.


Our university will focus on all investments to be made in our region regarding renewable energy resources, in all of the direct and integrated usage areas of these rich resources; in the installation and operation phases of the facilities; It aims to be a nationwide BRAND in research and development activities to be conducted, and in the provision of technical personnel and intermediate staff to the facilities.