Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi

Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi



The dormitories in our county operated by The Institute of Credit and Dormitories:



-In Central campus area  Aydin Student Dormitory with 760 people capacity(444 girls,316 boys)

-In Nazilli district Nazilli Student Dormitory with 542 people capacity(250 girls,292 boys)

-In Kocarli district Kocarli Student Dormitory with 500 people capacity(250 girls and 250 boys)

-In Sultanhisar district, Sultanhisar Student Dormitory with 102 people capacity (72 boys,30 girls)

-In Yenipazar district, Yenipazar student dormitory for girls  (120 girls capacity)

-Also in Karacasu district a dormitory with 100 people capacity is operated by Karacasu Development Foundation.



Besides student dormitories, students can accomodate in private houses they rent and in private dormitories and pensions.