Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

Mission and Vision

Our mission as Aydin Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Dentistry,

·        -  To provide quality treatment prioritized public health and patient satisfaction

·         - To follow the latest scientific development and to provide qualified education to our students

·         - Adopting environmentally friendly service understanding and transfer it to future generations

·         - To be example for all organizations in the field of dentistry


Our vision as Aydin Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Dentistry

·         - To complete health, education and training acreditations, continuously improve to our service and education qulity

·         - To be increase our treatment capacity in the next five years

·         - To be a leading organization in the field of international health tourism

·         - To be serve with high tecnological equipment in our faculty