Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

General Information


The building of dentistry where our faculty is located is one of the oldest buildings in Aydın. The exact building date is differently explained in different sources. The building was built at the end of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. We are proud and honored to have such a valuable faculty building. The building provided people with health service in the first year of the Republic, after then It was used for the Faculty of Medicine from 1993 to 2010. Now the School of Dentistry will provide public health services for a long time. The history of our building in the web site of Aydın state Hospital mentioned that it  was built for use as a police station while Aydin- Izmir state railway was built. After the Railway construction was finished, the building was used as a police station until 1892. Then the construction started the service with the name of ‘Millet Hospital’. After years, various units were added to the aid of the region's people and the hospital was enlarged. It is believed that the Ministry of Health has  changed  the name to ‘State Hospital’. In the web site of the Medical Faculty’ s Hospital of our university ‘ An association was established in 1918 for the built hospital under the chairmanship of Ali Saim and foundation of today’s hospital building was located. Aydın was occupied in 1919, Dr Saim migrated to Çine and the hospital was not completed. During the war of independence, the building was used as a Greek army outpost while the city of Aydın and its region were under Greek occupation. After the war, it served as a place for immigrants to temporarily stay. Then the building became the Aydin state Hospital and gave service with two doctors in 1928. Hospitals have increased gradually , in the 1930’s with x-ray and eye clinics, the 1950’s added tuberculosis pavilion and new building, 1970’s administration building and social facilities in 1992. This historic building which was taken over in 1993, was originally repaired and continued to develop in 1996 and began to serve as a Medical and Health Sciences Center Research and Application Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine.


Adnan Menderes University School of Dentistry has made a principle to educate dentists, specialists and academicians who think ahead of the time and develop their knowledge and skills to reach this aim.


It is our duty to educate all graduate and undergraduate students who are studying at our faculty, dentists and academics