Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü

Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü

School Information

Welcome to the Institute of Social Sciences at Adnan Menderes University!


The Institute of Social Sciences was founded in 1994 and it offers over fifteen postgraduate programmes of masters or doctorates and has distinguished itself regionally and nationally through its academic programmes.


The main responsibilities of the Institute of Social Sciences are to organize and coordinate masters and PHD programmes in several different art branches. The aim of these programmes, in essence, is to train research assistants and researchers and to make an important contribution to human resources of different institutions and organizations. The non-thesis programme in the department of educational sciences is designed especially to provide education opportunities for those working full time. The Institute’s ambition is to be a dynamic, international institution marked by high academic standards. The Institute of Social Sciences fosters an open and universal intellectual atmosphere where students at all levels and academic staff engage in debates, in seminars and in lecturers. The Institute encourages a positive student guidance and strict thesis supervision.


This web site is designed to provide information on the Institute of Social Sciences, its academic programs, administration, and the rules, procedures and regulations regarding the Institute and its students.