Sağlık Bilimleri Enstitüsü

Sağlık Bilimleri Enstitüsü

Graduate studies for international students


Adnan Menderes University offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Health Sciences.  All applications should be made to the relevent Schools. Please click here for the addresses and the graduate programs offered to international students.


Equivalence Candidates are required to have a University degree equivalent to degrees given by Turkish Universities. The certificate of equivalence is given by the Turkish Higher Education Council for registration.

In Turkish Universities the Doctor of Medicine degree requires six years of study, Dental Medicine or Veterinary Medicine degrees require five years of study. BA. and BS degrees are given after four years.

Students are first required to take the Postgraduate Education Exam (LES), which is organised centrally by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM). Having obtained a minimum passing grade of 45 points from LES, as a prerequisite for all postgraduate programmes, the prospective students need to take the written and/or oral entrance examination organised directly by the department. While the language of education is Turkish, students are required to have a good command of one of the main European languages. Admission to specialization studies in fields of clinical medicine in Turkish Universities takes place through the “Examination for Specialization in Clinical Medicine (TUS), another exam organised by OSYM.  

Grade Point Average

MA/MS programs: BA/BS degree with minimum grade point average 65 points out of 100 full points, or its equivalent.

MA/MS programs without dissertation: BA/BS degree with minimum grade point average 65 points out of 100 full points or its equivalent.

PhD programs: MS/MA degree, with minimum grade point average 75 points out of 100 full points, or its equivalent. “MA/MS programs without dissertation” are acceptable for PhD. programs only if a dissertation is presented separately.

Candidates with a six year Doctor of Medicine degree or a five year Dental Medicine or Veterinary Medicine degree need not have an MS degree in order to apply for the PhD programs listed under the Graduate School of Health Sciences, unless otherwise stated. The minimum grade point average of the candidate with the Doctor of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dental Medicine diploma should be 65 out of 100 full points or its equivalent.

Language of Instruction: The Language of instruction in Adnan Menderes University is Turkish.


International applicants who meet the requirements have to take the Turkish language test and an examination of scientific competence. Candidates successful in the Turkish test are given the Competence Examination by the relevent department of the Graduate School.


Students are admitted twice a year, for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Programs offered in the Spring and Fall semesters of each academic year to international students appear under the relevent Graduate Schools.

Tuition fees: Adnan Menderes University is a state University. Tuition fees are determined for each academic year by general regulations.

Maintenance: Students require about 500-750 USD per month for personal expenses. An international student is not expected to work. Before a residence permit is issued he/she is required to produce evidence to the effect that such a sum will indeed be forwarded each month. The Turkish Government has cultural exchange agreements with a number of countries. International applicants should ask the Turkish Embassies in their own country about the possibility of receiving a Turkish Government scholarship.

Accommodation: The State Hostel system in Turkey is open to international students.