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Our Mission

The mission of Econometrics Department is giving an education to students on econometrics which will help them to understand the contemporary world and Turkish economy, teaching them the methods that present solutions for the economic research and to make them able to think analytically. Our department targets to give interdisciplinary education on econometrics within a teaching program including statistics, mathematics and economics. 
Especially considering the recent economic transformation both Turkey and the world passing through, the need for those who can analytically analyze economic problems of firms and consumers and who can make economic predictions is getting increased. In this respect, the aim of the department of econometrics is to teach students some analytic methods on solving local and the global economic problems and improving their proficiency on presenting solutions beyond national borders.
The program of Econometrics not only gives theoretical and practical knowledge to our students, who may need in their future life, but also provides knowledge on some other areas like economics, statistics, mathematics and law. Moreover, our students have the opportunity of participating to the ERASMUS exchange program in a variety of European universities that we cooperate.
Those who graduated from Department of Econometrics will have opportunity to be employed in research and development, planning and the budget departments of the public institutions such as Turkish Statistical Institute, Ministry of Development, Undersecretariat of Treasury and The Central Bank and of a variety of public and private institutions mainly operating in insurance, banking and capital market. Furthermore, the Department of Econometrics gives theoretical and practical education to create an academic background for the masters and PhD degrees of students who are willing to make an academic career.

Head of the Department of Econometrics