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After completing degree of psychology students will be able ;

-To have basic knowledge on the historical foundations, fundamental concepts and methodological perspectives of psychology as a scientific discipline

To have understanding about fundamental theories and approaches of psychology and also critical thinking about them

To have knowledge about divisions, fundamental research questions and specific research methods of psychology

To have information and skills to reach knowledge about psychology in applied settings, problems, researches and developments of psychology in Turkey

To have knowledge about the psychological assessment principles, frequently used psychological assessment tools and also have beginner’s level competence to administer them

To have knowledge about basic interviewing skills used diverse areas of psychology

To have skills to carry out some psychological applications

To understand how to follow and share recent knowledge effectively in psychology area

To have basic skills for formulating research questions, choosing appropriate research methods and measurement techniques in diverse areas of psychology

To have knowledge about and basic applications skills needed for data collection, statistical analysis, interpretation the findings and, reporting techniques specific to psychology, basically

To have an non-prejudiced approach about the individual difference areas such as age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and socio-economic status in psychological applications

To be aware of the importance of ethical principles and values specific to psychology and of working by the guidance with these principles and values.